Thursday, January 13, 2011

Save Money for Art!

Hi!  Happy New Year to All! 
Hopefully the New Year will bring me more time to Blog...

I'm going to start of the year talking about art.  So many think of it as an after thought when decorating.  It is soo important though and cheap art (there's a lot of it out there) can ruin a decor (as can lighting but thats for a later date).
You should put a lot of thought into the artwork you hang on your walls.  It is a great way to make your house your own by choosing subject matters that interest you.  The art in my own home is so special to me because I know every artist- my sister Anne, my son Daniel, my niece Katie and my friends Madeline and Rob Longstreet (Longstreet Collection). 
Here are some photos of art I just installed for a client- Titled "Three Panel Flowering Dogwood" (Longstreet Collection)
We needed a large piece on this wall- Longstreet Collection is known for their oversized botanical prints which have been showcased in homes of many celebrities around the world.  Anyway, this client lives on a beautiful farm surrounded by nature.  These prints brought nature into the home.

Before Installation

After Installation (new area rug also)