Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

Happy New Year! 

I started off today wondering if anyone would read this if I only spoke about shower caddies- didn't think so.  My two latest obsessions are shower caddies and this stunning lighting made from Italian glass.

Obsession #1:
Shower Caddies are absolutely a bizarre thing to be in love with, but I currently am.  My shower is always in disarray with shampoo bottles, soap, razors- it drives me crazy.  Mostly when I am installing a shower with tile, I build in the shelves, but I think I love these wire shower baskets more.  (3) of them in the corner of my shower would be divine!  I love the other too!

Obsession #2:
Look at the photos...need I say more?   When I redo my master bath, I am definitely using the sky glass...LOVE-LOVE-LOVE.  Looking at them seriously makes my heart race!  They put off such beautiful light.

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