Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favorite Things....

There are just some things I can't live without!
1.  Kenneth Turner Candles- they smell amazing

2.  Casablanca Lilies- they also smell amazing and are bundle from flower row goes a long way

3. Annie Glass- I love the silver and gold plates and bowls, so classic- the ruffled bowl is on my wish list

4.  All things down...everyone (who isn't allergic) should have the heavenly bed...feather bed, down comforter and a lot! of down pillows...

5. white orchids...and lots of them...I can never get mine to regrow but they last for at least three months and look beautiful

6.  Uplights from IKEA...I have them all over my house...they come in all different sizes and range in price from $7.00- $15.00
7.  Magazines....Traditional Home, Veranda, House Beautiful...oh and People

8.  Reflections Glass Tile from Dal...I love it but I have to stop using it!  It is simple, comes in a lot of colors and reflects with undercabinet lighting so beautifully (also shown in the kitchen photo posted on my "welcome to my blog" post)
9.  Gwen Frostic simple, inexpensive, but so pretty and perfect for any occasion
10.  Green kitchen and family room are mostly shades of brown and white but filled with subtle green accents...which I love!

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